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Are Facial Scrubs Good For You?

Are Facial Scrubs Good For You?

Are Facial Scrubs Good For You?

Facial scrubs are a skincare product that is a major topic of debate in the beauty industry. Some people consider them harmful and detrimental to the skin, while others believe they are the perfect way to maintain healthy skin. So what is the real answer when it comes to facial scrubs?

The truth is that it all depends on the individual, including each individual skin type, the kind of scrub being used, how often it is used and how roughly it is applied to the skin. Let’s take a look at some of the positives and negatives of using facial scrubs and how you can use them in a way that will not be detrimental to your skin.

The Positives

The Positives

If you find the right scrub for your skin type and use it well, it can be a great addition to your skincare routine. After exfoliating with a facial scrub, your skin can instantly feel smoother and softer. You can also gain a feeling of comfort and hydration, particularly if you suffer from dry skin. In addition to feeling better, the right scrub can also give your face a healthy glow and even out your skin tone. This improved tone and texture is achieved through the removal of dead skin cells, which are a leading cause in a dull, grey tone and dry, flaky skin.

Another benefit of a good facial scrub is that it can unclog the pores in your skin. When pores get clogged with sebum - a natural oil produced by our skin - it can lead to acne. Some skin types can be particularly oily, so scrubs that focus on unclogging the pores can be beneficial. Some scrubs can also aid with scars caused by acne too. Consider a natural face scrub aimed specifically at oily skin to reduce acne, such as the Sesame Ginger Scrub from Jaieden Beauty, which targets this particular problem area.

Sesame Ginger Scrub

The Negatives

In addition to the positive effects that facial scrubs can have, there are also negatives if scrubbing is taken too far. Some of these effects can include skin sensitivity, redness and irritation - sometimes to the point of a stinging or burning feeling - along with tightness, tingling, shininess, flaking and dryness.

If you experience any of these symptoms, there is a good chance that you are overusing your facial scrub. The main reason for these issues is the breakdown of the barrier that your skin naturally creates to protect against damage. The smooth feel that can be achieved by a facial scrub is not always beneficial as the dry skin that you are removing to create that soft and smooth feeling is actually protecting your face. That layer of dry skin protects the live skin cells that are underneath the dry layer, and repetitive scratching and scrubbing cause a thick layer of dead skin cells to form on the surface in an effort by the skin to protect itself. It can also leave your skin far more vulnerable to irritation.

Scrubs to Avoid

It is best to avoid facial scrubs that are incredibly gritty, such as walnut facial scrubs, as well as those that are environmentally unfriendly, such as scrubs that contain tiny, smooth plastic beads called microbeads. These products can damage your skin as well as the planet. This is particularly true of scrubs that contain large, ragged pieces as they can cause your skin to tear.

Are Facial Scrubs The Exfoliation Method For You?

Are Facial Scrubs The Exfoliation Method For You?

The best way to avoid these negatives while enjoying the positives is to cleanse and exfoliate your skin according to the needs of your particular skin type and ensure that you do not overdo it if you do choose to include facial scrubs in your skincare routine.

There are scrubs available for a wide range of skin types, such as sensitive skin, combination skin, dry skin, oily skin and regular skin, so do your research and consult your doctor or dermatologist for recommendations and advice on suitable products.

You should also be realistic in your expectations of a facial scrub. There is no miracle cure for certain skin ailments that occur on the face, such as acne and the scars it can leave. However, if used appropriately and with professional advice taken into account, they can indeed help scars fade somewhat and fight those pesky pimples. Some people do better with simple face washes, while others can use facial scrubs with positive results. It may be necessary to experiment to determine how your skin will respond.

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