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Are Organic And Natural Skincare Products Really Better?

Are Organic And Natural Skincare Products Really Better?

Are Organic And Natural Skincare Products Really Better?

Because our skin absorbs what we put on it and can sometimes react unfavorably to harsh chemical ingredients, you need to choose the products that you use on your skin with care. Organic and natural skincare products can work well with your skin without exposing it to the chemical ingredients that are part of many skincare products today.

Organic and Natural

Before we consider whether organic and natural skincare products are better for our skin, we need to understand the differences between them. Many of us use these terms interchangeably without understanding what exactly is the difference. Natural refers to natural products that are produced and blended without any chemical compounds or artificial ingredients added, while organic products are natural products that have been grown and produced without any pesticides or added chemicals but are passed and certified as organic. To be truly organic, products need to be certified by a recognized organization such as the USDA. This certification gives consumers a guarantee that the product they are buying and using is certified organic and has complied with strict production regulations.

Using Organic and Natural Skincare Products

Using Organic and Natural Skincare Products

Using the power of nature to tackle skincare problems is a good solution if you have sensitive skin or are following an organic or vegan lifestyle. Organic and natural formulations of skincare products are usually gentler on the skin and will not produce the same irritation as chemical formulas. On many cosmetics and skincare products, there is a list of chemical ingredients, and if you have a sensitivity to a chemical, you will probably have no idea which one it is as the lists tend to be very long and complicated. Usually organic or natural products will use fewer ingredients to make the product, and it is very likely that you will recognize all of the ingredients in these skincare products.

Benefits of Organic and Natural Skincare Products

Many of the ingredients in organic or natural skincare work just as well, if not better, than their chemically formulated counterparts. For example, if you have problematic skin with pimples and acne, a natural product including ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe vera and aromatherapy oils may work just as well as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, but with less harsh reactions on the skin. If your skin is already compromised with pimples and acne, you don’t want to make it even more angry with harsh chemicals. It's better to treat such skin conditions gently so the skin heals and clears naturally; products like this Sesame Oil and Ginger Scrub can help. 

Sesame Oil and Ginger Scrub

Better for the Environment

When we buy skincare products, the environment is probably the last thing on our mind. However, by using natural products, we can be sure that when we rinse them away, harsh chemicals will not be entering our waterways. Instead, it will be ingredients that occur naturally in the environment. Aerosols that contain chemicals when sprayed into the air, such as deodorants or perfume sprays, have been shown to contribute to the damaging effect on the Earth’s ozone layer. Using naturally formulated sprays wouldn’t have this effect and will be better for air pollution and the environment.

How to Use Organic and Natural Skincare Products

Perhaps you would like to use organic or natural skincare products but are unsure how to go about it. One way is to purchase your skincare products from companies that advertise that their ingredients are certified organic or natural and have been certified. Many companies will be able to advise you on the best organic or natural products for your skin type or the type of care you need for your skin, such as if you have dry or sensitive skin.

How to Recognize Organic or Natural Skincare Products

How to Recognize Organic or Natural Skincare Products

It has been said that if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t be applying it to your skin. When you are looking for natural products, you may come across natural ingredients such as avocado, Manuka honey, strawberry or raspberry extracts, and oils such as jojoba, olive or grapeseed, to name just a few. Many include aromatherapy oils that have been shown to have beneficial effects on the skin.

If you want the best treatments for your skin, you don’t really need to spend a lot of money on expensive packaging and industrially formulated scents and chemical additives when you can find organic and natural skincare products that will work just as well on your skin, if not better.

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