Body Care Routine (scrub & body oil)

Body Care Routine (scrub & body oil)

Looking after your skin takes time and requires you to follow a daily care routine. Any worries you have regarding your skin whether that be inflamed, damaged or even dry skin should not be brushed away & ignored!  Any skin related concerns you may have could all be eased if not entirely treated or more manageable just by implementing the basics into your daily body care routine. 

All of your skin requires regular maintenance and care; your face down to your feet!

Believe it or not, even the ‘simplest’ additional steps in your daily self-care routine can make all the difference for your skin's overall health and appearance. The additional steps that you can easily add to your self-care routine require minimal time & effort but can make all the difference to your skin. 

In today's post, we want to share with you just how effective a couple of small additional steps in your body care routine can make a difference. We will go through our top two body care steps that we believe your skin can benefit from the most. 

Adding in new steps or even establishing a body care routine at all may not be for everybody but we do believe that the following advice can offer the best results for your skin. 

So, let's take a deeper look at the steps that you can implement into your body care routine to improve the skin’s appearance, texture and overall health. 

EDEN BEAUTY TIP Number #1: Buff Away! 

Weekly body exfoliation can help remove dead skin build-up that could be causing your skin to harem uneven or even feel tight on the body. Typically the areas around the ankles and knees are prone to being very dry, flaky and even tight due to the build-up of dead skin cells. 

However, be aware of the formulations, ingredients and fragrances when shopping around for a body scrub; a gentle scrub infused with nourishing and calming ingredients is our recommendation to tackle the toughest of dead and dry skin patches!  

Our very own Sesame Ginger Scrub is rich in Sesame and Tamanu oil; which are both ideal for helping replenish dry skin as it helps to break down the build-up of dead skin cells to improve the skin's overall texture. An oil-infused body scrub can help improve the skin's overall appearance as well as promote healthy cell turnover. You can purchase our amazing body scrub right now!

Now, our next recommended body care step is for use after you have had a bath or shower, and will work overnight to help soften and repair the skin…

EDEN BEAUTY TIP Number #2: Don't forget your body oil!

If you notice that, after you step out of the shower or bath, your skin feels quite rough or dry in areas (like your ankles, knees or joint areas) then following along with a body oil can make a huge difference. An after-bath body oil rich in nourishing oils is our recommendation.

We have a great Body Dew After Bath Oil that we think could make the perfect addition to your nightly body care routine. An oil-based treatment can work just as well if not harder than a ‘traditional’ body cream; which can be rather drying or heavily fragranced. Click here to view it in our shop.

Our body dew oil is rich in Coconut, Safflower and Tamanu oil; which combined create the ultimate moisturising concoction! We use Tamanu oil to help with re-hydrating and nourishing dry skin to help eliminate dead skin lingering or building up.


We have also combined our unique blend of coconut and safflower oils to work together to focus on soothing irritated or flamed skin by helping to balance the oils present on the body. Safflower has anti-inflammatory properties that are a great balancing incredible that help repair and soothe skin that is prone to breakouts. 

A blend of natural oils can help with multiple areas of concern all at once if made up with hydrating, nourishing, soothing and balancing properties! 

You can be sure that our formulation is lightweight, non-greasy and best of all it's even non-comedogenic therefore it won't block the pores on your body.  Instead, body dew oil will help to seal in the moisture in your skin to avoid moisture loss but still help break down any build-up of dead skin or debris. 

All you need to do after you have towel dried your body, is massage into the skin the oil all over; focusing on the areas that need the most attention. This step can be done any time in the day, but before bedtime is our recommendation; your nighttime self-care treat!

What harm are a few extra minutes added to your body care routine when the results could be so beneficial for your skin? Body care is self-care; you owe it to yourself! 

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