Christmas Gift Flawless Serum & Cookie Moisturizer

Christmas Gift Flawless Serum & Cookie Moisturizer

We have an extra special treat in store for our entire EDEN BEAUTY Family! 

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Just like our brand new Christmas Gift Set - that is also something that you will not miss out on, but thankfully you’re reading this post so we hope that means you had the chance to grab this deal whilst it was active.  

But what gift set and what deal are we talking about? Well, this one of course:

Our EDEN BEAUTY Ultimate Christmas Gift Set Includes → $50

    • One full-size bottle of our Flawless Dark Spot Serum (30ml) 
    • A full-size Festive Bottle of our Cookie Intimate Moisturizer (50ml) + 
    • Our Limited Edition “Beauty Starts Here” Holiday Mug! 
    • [Plus free local delivery on orders over $40!]

Now that is a Christmas gift set that you could turn into one ultimate gift or split up into two separate gifts for a couple or more than one friend. The flawless dark spot serum could be gifted to anybody who loves to look after their skin, a real self-care enthusiast. Whereas the mug and cookie intimate moisturizer could be a smaller dup gift on their own for a female friend, loved one or even your significant other. 

There are no rules when it comes to gift sets, you can keep them as one big EDEN treat or break them up into three smaller gifts; depending on your preference. You may have shopped our recent offer of any 2 products for $40 but then also wanted to grab this gift set to mix and match our EDEN treats! 

There are no rules or limitations when it comes to gift sets, they can be suitable for everyone as a small treat or the ultimate gifting experience. Although, this gift set offer will not last forever and is only available until the new year! Once our exclusive and limited edition “Happy Holiday” muds are all gone, then they will not be returning until perhaps 2023 Christmas time. 

So with that, we urge you to shop quickly if this gift set is something you'd like to treat a special someone to n your Christmas list or why not even buy it for yourself? 

Our Flawless Dark Spot Remover Serum is a great skincare treat, that is rich in natural Rosehip, Frankincense and pure Tamanu oil. Not to mention completely vegan formula, hand-made and or course non-comedogenic! This serum could be for you to keep and use in your daily skincare routine to help face dark spots and hyperpigmentation, or it could be gifted to a teen who might benefit from an oil-based serum to help clear up acne scarring. There are no restrictions or age limits on skincare; it should be for everyone! 

The second product in our holiday gift set is targeted more towards women, as it is our Cookie Intimate Moisturizer; designed to help improve a woman's natural lubrication as well as aid in hormonal balance and improve intimate flora. Again the formulation for this beauty is all-natural, chemical free and still highly effective without causing any irritation. You can thank its natural Clary Sage and Coconut oil blend for being able to soothe, rebalance and support a women's intimate health! This too would make for a very thoughtful and useful holiday gift that is a feature part of our exclusive gift set. 

Then we have our limited edition “Beauty Starts Here” mug that is suitable to give to anybody on your Christmas list either as part of the set or broken down to just two or even the mug as a gift on its own! Why not? You may have already brought a smaller self-care gift for someone on your shopping list, and maybe our EDEN mug would just polish a custom set off nicely! 

We would love to see how you are including EDEN BEAUTY in your Holiday celebrations this year; just dont forget to tag us your EDEN hauls over on our Instagram where we will be sharing our favourites! Once again, Happy Holidays, and we hope you have an incredible New Year!
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