Clary Sage Benefits

Clary Sage Benefits

We go through many things in life, as women, that we cannot always be prepared for! Even though the topics of menopause and menstruation have been discussed time and time again; that doesn't mean to say we feel more comfortable or prepared for what's to come…

The conversation, specifically, surrounding menopause is still artfully vague and may not be as straightforward to understand as we have been lead to believe. Women are told that once they reach a certain age in later womanhood, their hormone levels change and that can cause a stop in monthly menstruation (no more monthly periods). 

However, we are not always as educated as we thought we were when it comes to menopause; especially when we want to talk about the ‘forgotten’ side effects! 

When we say ‘forgotten’ we mean the side-affects that menopause has on our intimate health and not just how it may affect our skin’s elasticity or collagen production ect…  Ageing is a beautiful thing that signifies a life that is being lived but menopause can be a difficult trigger for many women as they may worry that it can ignite concerns regarding one's inmate health. Not to mention the fear of intimacy and complications with a lowered sex drive. 

Unfortunately one of the most common side-effects of menopause is how much it can dry out the intimate areas; as you may know, dryness is exceedingly uncomfortable even when trying to go about daily life. Dryness can cause the intimate area to feel tight and even intensely itchy as if it's trying to shed the dry skin. If you have ever experienced flaking skin on your body (I.E face or joints), you can imagine just how uncomfortable the same sensation feels in the intimate area. 

Combatting dryness and discomfort is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to menopause as it can be relentless, painful and put a complete hold on intimacy altogether! But please hear us when we say that… 

Vaginal dryness, discomfort &  itchiness CAN BE HELPED! 

If you think that menopause could be the cause of your intimate discomfort then we may just have a perfect solution for you! Well, we will be unveiling an ingredient fr the duration of today's post that can help ease several intimate concerns whether they are linked to menopause or something else (post-pregnancy or menstruation ect). It is a real wonder of an ingredient that you’ll wish you discovered sooner…

So, to not keep you waiting any longer, the ingredient we are unveiling is Clary Sage! If you are unfamiliar with Clary Sage and its many helpful properties for the body then you will want to keep reading. 

Clary Sage is a flowering herb that can have its oil extracted to be mixed into products that typically help in the way of healing and relaxing of both the mind & body from stressful triggers. That is on top of being able to naturally alleviate pain and discomfort all over the body; which includes the intimate areas! 

How does it help calm the mind?

Clary Sage offers impressive aromatherapy benefits that have been linked to calming the mind and minimising anxiety. Stress and low moods affect us all during our lives as hormones are always in constant circulation and levels are not always balanced! The benefits of Clary Sage have been linked to helping menopausal women reduce the stress homrne (Cortisol) when inhaled; thus pronouncing it a natural antidepressant-like oil. 

How can it naturally ease the effects of menopause?

Sclareol is a component of Clary Sage oil which is believed to minimise the effects of estrogen in the body. Many people link these benefits to being a viable contribution to helping ease and reduce several symptoms of menopause…

Whilst applying a minimal amount of diluted Clary Sage oil does have its benefits, we at EDEN BEAUTY have a safer alternative approach that can allow for more direct contact for intimate application. Our ever-popular Your Cookie Intimate Vaginal Moisturiser is our very own Clary Sage wonder! 

Our intimate moisturiser is a lightweight and non-greasy formula that is designed to mimic the body's natural lubrication. We have designed it this way to best help support the health of your intimate area. The organic Clary Sage oil that is mixed into this moisturiser will target irritation, inflammation & vaginal dryness. Moreover, it will combat any vaginal discomfort naturally and most importantly in a noninvasive way! 

It might not be due to Menopause, why you are experiencing vaginal dryness or discomfort, but it is commonly linked to hormonal regulation inside the body. This is why we work hard to ensure that our intimate moisturiser could also help with hormonal balance and support vaginal flora. 

Head over to our shop today to grab a bottle of clary sage goodness for your intimate area!

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