Gift set - Its all in the Cookie

Gift set - Its all in the Cookie

Happy Thanksgiving! 

We hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving this year spending it surrounded by all your loved ones to enjoy some special time together. We also hope you are enjoying your multiple slices of pumpkin pie and maybe even an extra special treat or two; in the form of a Thanksgiving gift. Even though giving and receiving gifts are not strictly tradition at Thanksgiving; it’s still always nice to show someone how appreciated they are by giving them a thoughtful treat. If you are thinking to do exactly that this year, when why not pick up a belated thanksgiving treat or stock on your Christmas prezzies with our ultimate self-care picks.

We have one product in particular that we believe will go down incredibly well with any women you are intending to treat during the festive season. If you would like to find out more, on how you could pick up our best-selling product as well as bag yourself an excellent bargain in the process then we highly suggest you keep reading! For the remained of this year we will be sharing several posts and gift guides both on our blog as well as over on our social media pages. Be sure to hit the notification bell on our Instagram page to make sure you dont miss a single bit of the action… 

To kick-start our festive content, we wanted to begin by introducing you to our extra-special Thanksgiving discount that allows you to pick up two products across our entire EDEN BEAUTY range for just $40 total. That means you could pick up two of our extra special best-selling product; one for you to keep and the other to gift either as belated Thanksgiving treat or for Christmas. Plus, we offer free delivery on all local over $40 and the chance to upgrade your duo set to also include an extra special EDEN BEAUTY Mug! 

Now that sounds like the ultimate gift set to us. Two goodies, a matching mug and free (local) delivery for $50! Bargain! The only decision left now is what product to go for. How about doubling up on our best-selling product and turning that into the ultimate gift set experience…. 

It's all in the Cookie Intimate Moisturizer!

Our best-selling product is our Cookie Intimate Moisturizer and we are so happy to see how many of you enjoy using it! This is why we wanted to feature it as the start of today's Thanksgiving gift guide blog post. We have made a few festive changes to our Cookie Intimate Moisturizer that we hope you can appreciate and may even help you decide what EDEN goodies you may want to gift to your friends or loved ones. 

Our cookie moisturizer is currently packaged in a beautifully rich plum-coloured bottle; that screams festive vibes and Christmas, especially with the accents of gold labelling and bottle dropper. It not only looks the part but you know that it will also work like a treat. If there are any women in your family that you think would appreciate a thoughtful self-care gift, that can also be very useful, then our cookie intimate moisturizer could be a great gift option. 

It is made with all-natural ingredients, that are designed to be moisturising as well as calming to the intimate area; as it can help lubricant the vaginal area naturally and non-invasively. What's more, our unique formula can support hormonal balance and promote good vaginal flora. It can even be used during intimacy! We created this intimate moisturizer to help women keep up with their intimate health and not feel embarrassed or ashamed of doing so; we want to support women and break the stigma behind intimate health! A great way you could help promote the message that taking care of your intimate health is normal and nothing to be embarrassed about, is to consider gifting our cookie moisturizer to your female friends. 

You could pick up one for yourself to use and then gift the other in our festive mug! 

A best-selling gift that combines festive packaging, with a product that is both thoughtful and useful sounds like a winning combination to us, but dont take just our word for it. Our incredible EDEN BEAUTY family continue to share their support for us both online and over on our social media channels and they can also tell you just how much they've enjoyed our beautiful self-care goodies; including our Cookie Intimate Moisturizer of course. 

If you do like the sound of our special thanksgiving offer,  where you can pick up any 2 products for$40, or you would like to upgrade your duo to include our limited edition mug then we would love to see what you pick up during our sale by tagging us in your Thanksgiving hauls over on our Instagram

We would love to see how EDEN BEAUTY is included in your festive celebrations this year!

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