How to add facial oils into your skincare routine

How to add facial oils into your skincare routine

Are you new to facial oils? Have you ever thought about adding them into your skincare routine but then realized you’re unsure of how to layer them amongst your existing products in the fear of product pulling or overloading the skin?


Well here at EDEN BEAUTY, we’ve got you covered; today's post aim’s to offer all the vital support and guidance when it comes to implementing oil-based products into your AM and PM skincare routine!


Trust us, once you know how well facial oils can work in your skincare routine you’ll never want to shy away from them again!


First things first, before we jump right into all things oil, it's important to remember that oil-based products are not just for one particular skin type; they can be versatile enough for all including oily, sensitive and even acne-prone skin types.


Therefore if you have an oily complexion or suffer from acne breakouts regularly don't automatically assume that oil-based products are not suitable for you! You’ll be surprised just how well balancing and clarifying oils can be for your skin.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of including oils into your routine as well as getting advice on how to layer them, then you’ll want to keep reading…


How to add facial oils into your skincare routine:


Believe it or not but it’s pretty simple to add oil-based products into your routine!


However, there is a lot of miss information spread around that allows people to believe in certain myths regarding oil-based products and for the most part, they are not true. Just to be sure it’s worth remembering these two basic rules; use little but often!


The first step when looking to add oils into your routine…


Firstly, you need to ask yourself, what kind of product am I looking for and do I know how it will help my skin’s needs.


For instance, if you wake up in the morning and notice your skin looking congested or uneven then you might want to think about switching up your PM cleanser.


An oil cleanser can help to deeply nourish the skin, whilst not stripping it of any of its natural oils. They are typically used as a makeup remover and cleanser combined so they are best used in the PM. You can be sure that a nighttime oil cleanse will leave your skin looking brighter and less congested in the morning!


If you are looking for a product recommendation then of course we have our very own Lavender Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover that is a firm favorite for a deeply nourishing and hard working oil-based cleanser! You won't need to worry about clogged pores or congested skin again with our non-comedogenic formula.


An oil cleanser is not the only oil-based product you can add to your daily routine; believe it or not but oil-based serums are even more popular! They can offer extensive benefits to the skin depending on the accompanying ingredients and method of use.


We have our Flawless Dark Spot Remover Serum that works just like an oil (with the same lightweight texture & formulation) to help naturally reduce dark spots and brighten the skins overall complexion! The key ingredients are Rosehip, Frankincense and Tamaun oil that all work together to create a super oil targeted to help brighten, even out and smooth the skin.


Now, as we said earlier facial oils and oil-based products are suitable for all skin types including oily and acne-prone but you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for products packed with clarifying and balancing ingredients.


You’ll want to be looking for Hempseed, Jojoba, Tamanu, Geranium and Ylang Ylang oil just to name a few!


Facial oils that are jam-packed with the above ingredients can help reduce shine and control your skins natural oils to help keep the skin clean and regulated. Please make sure any oil-based products you use on oily or acne-prone skin are balancing and/ or clarifying. Stay away from anything that says glow enhancing and dewy if you do not want your skin to appear more oily looking.


Bonus fact; a lot of ingredients in facial oils are also anti-bacterial which makes them great if you’re looking for a balancing or clarifying product. They can help reduce acne breakouts by removing bacterial build-up whilst also calming inflamed skin all at once!


Our very own Balancing Oil Serum is ideal for anyone looking to turn to a facial oil to help their skin’s complexion balanced; as it can help minimize breakouts, remove bacteria and regulate oil production. All the incredible ingredients listed above can all be found inside!


Now you know how facial oils can help you, it’s time to look out how to layer them with your existing products!


How to layer oil-based products:


There is no need to feel at all overwhelmed when it comes to knowing how to layer your new oil-based products as it can be pretty easy when you know.


Layering facial oils during your AM skincare routine…


You may already have a routine that you like to follow which might look like this:



So where do you add in your facial oil? After your moisturizer but before SPF is the most popular layering process. Now, some facial oils may say different on the labeling which could be due to them being a treatment or including ingredients that don't need additional steps before or after application.


Layering oil-based products in your PM routine…

This process is similar if you are using a facial oil at nighttime except this be the last product you apply as you won't need SPF!


Although, if you are opting for an oil cleanse then this will be the first step in your PM routine.



Make sure to limit how much facial oil you use each day, as overdoing it can overload the skin. The same with an oil-based cleanser; a little goes a long way. Adding in a facial oil both in your AM and PM routine is advised for anyone looking to clarify, brighten, even out or nourish their skin with a very gentle product!


We hope this post has shed more light on oil-based products, giving you more insight into how you can find a product that best suits your skin's needs as well as offering support on how to layer them for optimal results!

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