How to Minimize the Appearance of Hormonal Acne & Blemishes

How to Minimize the Appearance of Hormonal Acne & Blemishes

When you look in the mirror and an acne breakout is looking back at you it can really shake your confidence for the remainder of the day. As human beings, we tend to be highly self critical of our appearance, which includes how our skin looks.


We have been fed the same damaging message regarding unrealistic beauty standards for years; the notion that acne-free and clear skin equals ‘perfect’ skin! Thus creating a society of individuals with low self-esteem.


To believe that our skin is only beautiful when it is free from any blemishes, impurities or imperfections is absurd. All skin is beautiful and what's more; imperfections equal real skin!  Acne, blemishes, visible pores, youthful or ageing skin - it's all real and beautiful!


We can only begin to love ourselves when we can accept that perfection does not exist!


That is why it is so important to not let unrealistic beauty standards and expectations affect how you view yourself. You should never feel compelled to keep your skin hidden or covered up for the fear of it not being what ‘society’ has deemed to be perfect.


Blemishes, spots and acne are all normal phases our skin regularly goes through. Hormonal acne is one of the most common acne flare-ups that can appear any time during the month.


Hormonal acne can be very unpredictable and no one is immune from it. Menstruating women in particular go through a plethora of physical and emotional changes each month that can trigger a breakout. It’s not always just down to diet, stress or external factors.


Being able to treat or even calm inflamed skin during a hormonal breakout can be very difficult but there are many solutions; if you find it hard to treat or even reduce the signs of hormonal acne then our guide could be the help you’re looking for.


Here at EDEN BEAUTY, we have put together this blog post to serve as a ‘Skin Saviour Guide’ jam-packed with all the essential guidance and stellar product recommendations you could ever need to help minimize your acne & blemishes.


Keep reading to find out how you can minimize the appearance of your breakouts; regain control back over your skin and feel confident with your skin whilst doing so…



How to minimise the appearance of hormonal acne and blemishes:

Never rush your skincare routine AM or PM!

When we wake up in the morning, typically we like to get through our skincare routine as soon as possible so that we can continue with our day. A quick cleanse, a whole load of spot treatment and smearing of moisturiser may sound like all your hormonal skin needs but not quite! Believe it or not, this may be the first thing you are doing wrong to your skin.


Always treat your skin with care and not rush when it comes to what you are applying onto your skin; especially when trying to minimise the appearance of hormonal acne, breakouts and blemishes. When you rush even more things can end up going wrong.


Be careful with how much product you apply!

Rushing through your skincare steps can cause you to under or over apply product, skip SPF or even layer too many products onto the skin! Over applying your acidic serums, or thick spot treatment gels & creams in a bid to dry out your acne and clear up your skin can do more harm than good.


Overdoing it on the spot cream, chemical peels or not applying enough balancing and calming facial products can cause increased irritation! This can lead to increased skin sensitivity, uneven skin tone, redness, dehydrated skin and you could even be triggering more spots!


If you have found a skincare routine that you would normally stick to that has been working with your skin well, don't assume it all needs to change once you have a breakout. Slathering on a layer of spot cream is not always good for the skin. Yes, they might be full of anti-inflammatory and balancing ingredients but they are typically very drying and harsh on the skin when used continuously.


Check your ingredients!

When you are trying to minimise the appearance of a breakout it is always worth having a look through your products to see if your skin is benefiting from any regular balancing, exfoliating or anti-inflammatory ingredients.


Cold Pressed Hemp seed oil, Rosehip and Tamanu Oil are all ingredients that can help de-clog pores, balance the oils on the skin and remove bacteria that can be causing more breakouts. Plus, these ingredients are all non-comedogenic meaning they will not clog up your pores.


At EDEN BEAUTY, our very own Skin Balancing serum is targeted towards balancing and calming the skin when dealing with a hormonal breakout. It's a unique blend of Hemp seed, Jojoba and Tamanu oil that work together to slow down the skins natural oil production and fight against bacteria to minimise the appearance of breakouts!


Always remember to exfoliate!

One of the skincare steps that we typically think to avoid when we are suffering from a breakout or blemishes is exfoliation.


Where it’s true that being gentle on the skin is important; skipping your exfoliating is not always good. A deep, yet gentle, facial polish can help to even out, soothe irritated skin and when it includes the right balancing and clarifying ingredients; it can be used to reduce the appearance of acne and blemishes. You only need to exfoliate twice to three times a week; not every day!


Our very own Even Skin Facial Polish is a gentle, balancing and clarifying scrub that is again jampacked with Rosehip, Tamanu, and Jojoba Oil!


We want everybody to feel confident when they look at their skin in the mirror; our reason behind creating this guide. We always centre our advice around natural and non-abrasive approaches when it comes to skin. Whether that be daily skincare maintenance or minimizing the appearance of breakouts and blemishes.


If you are currently in limbo with your skin, trying to reduce the appearance of your breakouts without drying out your skin, then we highly recommend you check out the EDEN BEAUTY products mentioned in today's post as soon as you're done reading!


Photoshop looking skin is not the aim here, but helping you to love and maintain your naturally beautiful skin is!

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