Intimate Cookie Moisturizer!

Intimate Cookie Moisturizer!

The first month of 2022 has been and gone which can only mean one thing; Valentines Day is fast approaching! This year, instead of waiting around for a grand gesture of love from your significant other or loved ones; this year make it all about you. Love yourself first!

The upcoming celebrations certainly encourage love and intimacy more so at this time of year but these are not always the easiest things for all women to look forward to. Especially if their intimate health has anything to do with it.

Suffering from vaginal discomfort or dryness might make you feel a little intimidated at the thought of intimacy but don’t let it stop you from having fun; as there are many helpful solutions out there. It’s time that we let go of the stigma behind intimate health. Don’t feel like you have to suffer through it in silence!

Here at Eden Beauty, we felt as though it was our duty to be able to offer a helping hand by creating our own natural solution to vaginal discomfort and dryness. We are a female-run business that not only understands but we also care about your intimate health concerns and worries!

Please, never feel ashamed about vaginal dryness, discomfort or even your hormones. They are all very natural occurrences during the stages of any woman's life; there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Although if you would like to get some help with any intimate health concerns you may have, like discomfort or dryness, then this post will aim to help ease your worries and help you regain control!

Are you ready to say goodbye to discomfort and welcome back intimacy with no worries playing on your mind?

If this sounds like something you’d like some advice about then you'll want to keep reading…


Presenting: Your Cookie Intimate Vaginal Moisturizer!

Here at Eden Beauty, we believe in empowering women and being able to spread that message through the products that we make and the work that we do.

One of our most popular products among women is our Intimate Vaginal Moisturizer!

We spent time researching ingredients and creating our own unique blend of oils to find a less abrasive and more natural solution to your most pressing intimate health concerns. Get ready to bid far well to vaginal dryness and discomfort! What's more, it can even help with hormone balance!

So what's in it?

Let’s talk ingredients:

It is our mission to make sure that all of our products are made with only the best in natural ingredients so you can spend more time on self-care and less on worrying.

The three key ingredients found in our intimate vaginal moisturizer are Coconut Oil, Chamomile and Clary Sage!

We have perfected our formulation to closely resemble the bodies own natural lubrication to help relieve vaginal dryness and irritation as naturally and non-abrasive as possible. You will find no harmful ingredients in this intimate moisturizer; only the essentials for your most delicate areas.

All of the ingredients in our intimate moisturizer are hand mixed and packaged; which allows us to make sure that the ingredients are proportioned correctly so that the end product is always a success. We work hard to ensure that you’re always happy with the final product!

How do the ingredients work at helping soothe intimate health concerns?

Clary Sage, one of our key ingredients, is a natural oil that has been known to help women with hormonal imbalances!

It can help relieve menstrual discomfort and PMS symptoms including cramps, mood swings and even food cravings. It works at regulating the menstrual cycle by evenly balancing hormone levels naturally; as well as being able to stimulate the beginning of an obstructed cycle.

A component of clary sage oil is Slareol which is known to mimic the effects of natural estrogen inside the body; thus being effective at reducing the symptoms of not just hormonal imbalance but also menopause. Symptoms of both can be similar; dryness and discomfort.

Irregular cycles, painful bleeds and crippling PMS symptoms can all be eased with the right hormonal balancing agents; like regular use of Clary Sage. The more natural the product is the smoother it is for your intimate area.

Can you believe that unbalanced hormonal levels can create such an influx in pain and discomfort for the body; these side effects can cause your sex drive to diminish completely?

You can trust our Intimate Vaginal Moisturizer to help you ease out of vaginal dryness and discomfort. Whilst also feeling assured that it’s helped to balance your hormonal activity to prevent severe PMS symptoms. Intimacy will no longer need to be put to bed!

Why you can trust in us!

You’ll be happy to hear that our intimate vaginal moisturizer is already a huge hit with women suffering from the same discomfort and intimacy concerns. We are also proud to have our products featured regularly in Vogue UK magazine, to help showcase our unique formulations and product versatility. We always strive to make sure you can feel happy and confident with your body when you are using our products; it’s our promise to you!

Don't let your vaginal dryness or discomfort stop you from engaging in intimacy this Valentine's day; not when you can rely on our intimacy moisturizer to help with hormonal balance and relieve discomfort.

If you would like to try any of the incredible products then you can shop directly with us, or you can head over to the Beauty Bridge website today. Whichever way you decide to shop, you can be sure that at Eden Beauty your happiness is a priority.

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