Our bodies are constantly going through changes that aim to mirror the exact stage of life we are going through. From the day we are born our bodies, as well as our minds, are constantly going through a never-ending cycle of change. 

We develop from a baby into a more independent child and then we have puberty which is another drastic change with all the new hormones suddenly surging through us. If that wasn't enough (depending on the paths we go down) we can then expect the changes with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Then just when we think we have gained back some form of control, menopause is lurking around the corner. And that's all the ‘planned’ changes, our bodies are constantly going through changes that we cannot always plan for. 

An entire lifetime of physical and mental changes!

At every crucial milestone, we can expect something new to challenge everything we once knew and understood about our bodies. Arguably, we are educated when it comes to several things we can expect but when it comes to Menopause the conversation can seem quite dismissive and misunderstood. We never want any women to feel this way when they think about where they are in life; pre-menopausal or not. 

Let’s remove the stigma and get talking about Menopause more, how else can we help and understand not just ourselves but another other if we don't feel like there's a safe place in which to do so. You may not be completely aware of what menopause is, or the effects it can have on the body and that's okay; today's post aims to serve as your advice guide. 

With all that said, let's jump into today's Menopause guide starting with understanding what Menopause actually is and so on…. 

So, when we talk about Menopause, we are referring to the ‘life stage; that typically starts to affect women around the age of 45 - 55 years old. Although it can naturally affect women much sooner! Menopause is the ‘label; given to the stage of life when women no longer have monthly bleeds/ periods, due to lower hormone levels. 

The symptoms typically include hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness; and these can occur for a long period without knowingly being ‘diagnosed’ as menopause.  Therefore, it can be a very confusing and sometimes painful part of life for any woman.

Hormone replacement therapy is considered a very common treatment for severe symptoms as well as it is introduced into daily life to regulate and control any discomfort ect. However, this kind of treatment can cause side effects of its own. 

This is why we like to discuss alternative solutions that are less invasive but still as effective. Vaginal dryness, discomfort and a lowered sex drive (typically due to discomfort) are very commonly linked to Menopause side effects. 

Our Intimate Cookie Moisturiser can help soothe irritation, and ease discomfort, as well as support vaginal flora & hormone balance; all to help you feel more at ease with your intimate health when going through menopause. 

Menopause can be a difficult and confusing time for many women, therefore we always encourage you to seek medical advice if you are experiencing any of the discussed symptoms! 

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