Welcome back to another EDEN BEAUTY blog post, we are so happy that you have been loving the content we are publishing on our blog! We are incredibly grateful and appreciate all of the positive responses we have had from you - our readers- over on our Instagram account showing your support for our blog posts and feed. 

Our goal is to continue down the path of publishing regular blog posts all to bring to light topics that we believe could resonate with you in your daily life. Over the past couple of months, we have had the pleasure of sharing non-stop advice and supportive posts covering a broad spectrum of topics. 

This even included a couple of mini-series throughout our blogging journey that we know our readers thoroughly enjoyed and found very useful!

We have enjoyed providing you with every single post in our blog's arsenal so far, sharing our top tips & recommendations for everything from skincare to self-care! However, for today's post, we have decided to go down a slightly different route… 

For today's blog post, we wanted to use it to help you all get to know us at EDEN BEAUTY a little bit better. Today's objective is to help you get a better understanding of our ingredients, our brand mission and why we are so proud to showcase EDEN BEAUTY to you all! 

So, please allow yourself to feel relaxed and we hope you enjoy reading the remainder of this blog post…

Who is EDEN BEAUTY and what do we represent? 

First and foremost, we, at EDEN BEAUTY, are proud to call ourselves more than your ‘typical skincare brand.’ Everything that goes into our business is done to help you, our EDEN family! 

Our main mission is to help every woman of color know that she was created in God's image. Everything natural is beautiful, as we work effortlessly to help relay that message of body positivity in our unique way. But how do we do that?...

Our entire brand has been created around the notion that natural is both the safest and most beautiful kind of support that you can give your skin. However natural products are not always the most accessible to every woman. 

That is why we wanted to create our very own unique product range using only high-quality natural ingredients and making them more accessible. Self-care and loving the skin that you are in is a huge message of ours that we try to get across to you all. 

Self-care is all about looking after yourself first; allowing yourself the time, both physically and mentally, to unwind and take care of yourself. Now, there is no right or wrong when it comes to self-care but we would be lying if we didn't say that it should start by looking after your skin! 

“If you feel happy in the skin you're in, then true self-love can be accomplished.”

Believe it or not, looking after your skin is a great way to practice self-care so long as you are aware of the ingredients you are putting onto your skin and what they are targeted to help. Putting your trust in the product you put on your face and body is something that we have worked exceptionally hard to maintain… 

All of our products are made with only the most organic, clean and natural ingredients sourced. We are very selective with our formulations and blends; which is why all of our products are only made up of the most essential ingredients that we know will help your skin.

We are huge advocates for natural oils for instance nut, fruit and seed oils are among some of our brand favourites. More specifically - Jojoba oil, Tamanu oil and Tangerine oil all being some of our favorites. Not only are all of the ingredients for our products natural, but they are also ethically sourced!

You can trust in EDEN BEAUTY to have all of your skin needs covered without ever causing any harm to animals in the process. Our Organic, Vegan product selection and Cruelty-free certifications are all very important to us. 

“Self-care should never come at a cost to anybody, including animals!”

We have worked meticulously to ensure that all of our ingredients, formulations and end products are always up to our standards. We could not be happier with what we have created for our EDEN family; we have been able to make high-quality self-care products more accessible to women! 

However, our mission is far from over; we plan to carry on our work of formulating and distributing excellent quality products that you can put your trust in to have your skin need be the priority. 

But don't just take our word for it, head over to the EDEN BEAUTY shop now and try our indulgent worthy goodies yourselves. We guarantee you will not be disappointed…

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