There is a plethora of misinformation out there that is being fed to us all as consumers; especially within the beauty industry. You add to that -  clever marketing ploys, outlandish claims and harmful ingredients and you get a recipe for disaster. 

Here at Eden Beauty, we believe in promoting safe beauty practices for the body by becoming a safe and trusting space for our customers to seek advice! This brings us nicely to today's post… 

We have all heard something once from a friend, relative or somebody we once spoke to and found out something about a product or perhaps a routine that they ‘swore blind worked for them’. Only to find out that, when we tried it for ourselves, the results were not as we had expected. There is no shortage of beauty influencers on social media all trying to help us by sharing their tips and advice when caring for our skin. The majority of the time their advice can be beneficial but sometimes they tend to raise a couple of eyebrows! 

For instance, back in 2020, there was a huge hype over liquid peeling solutions being used with microneedle rollers. People were applying the highly acidic solution to not just their faces but also on parts of their bodies, leaving it on for a couple of minutes and rolling microneedles all over to help it ‘sink in’.  

Not only was this trend harmful to the skin, but it was also not a regulated or even advised care routine. No skin care professionals went on record to support this. 

This brings us nicely to myth number one: Exfoliating the skin is completely harmless! 

Over-exfoliating the skin is one of the most common causes of redness, irritation, flaking and increased sensitivity. A high acidic solution should only be applied to the skin with care and aligning with the supplied directions only. Although, you could always just opt for a natural and gentle serum that can be just as effective at reducing and shedding dead skin cells. 

If you look for ingredients such as Dead Sea Salt, Tamanu Oil or Rosehip Seed; you’ll know that the exfoliator will be less abrasive and benefit the skin more. Be sure to check out our very own Sesame Ginger Acne Body Scrub & Even Skin Facial Polish for a natural and gentle approach to exfoliation; that will still buff the skin to radiance.

Over-exfoliating the skin is not the only bad thing you can unknowingly put your skin through…. 

Myth #2: You only need to apply SPF when it is sunny & re-application is unnecessary!

Keeping your skin completely covered regularly in the sun is not something that should be overlooked or not taken seriously as sun damage is not a joke. There is a whole load of miss information when it comes to keeping the skin protected from UVA and UVB damage. 

Please hear us when we say that no matter what the weather outside is, sunny or dreary; protecting the skin by applying a topical SPF is essential! What's more, be sure that you are covering all skin exposed to the sun including the ears, neck, lip, throat and hands. Summer is here so it's also important that you don't neglect to re-apply sun cream frequently!

Sun exposure can not just burn the skin but it can also leave you with dark spots; which will require a care routine of their own if they become visible. Take our Dark Spot Remover Serum; it will help reduce any sun spots or unevenness in the skin after prolonged sun exposure.

Finally, the third common misconception when caring for our skin: Oil-based products are not suitable for oily skin! 

Whilst it is important to make sure that you apply products to the skin that will help in conjunction with your skin type that doesn't mean oil-based products are ‘off-limits’ for oily or even acne-prone skin! On the contrary, in some cases, it’s the exact opposite! 

A clarifying, soothing or even balancing oil-based product can help not draw out any dirt/ impurities in the skin but they can help reduce redness and irritation. You would be surprised how many people with oily, combi or acne-prone skin do not know that oils can still be beneficial for the skin; including the body. 

Clarifying oils can typically be applied to areas with acne-like back, shoulders and even back of legs. You properly know that we love our oils here at EDEN BEAUTY as our shop is filled with luxurious oil-based products suitable for all skin types. Whether you apply our Body Dew Drops after a bath to your body or our Balancing Oil-serum directly onto your acne; you can trust that we know what we are talking about.  

Please remain careful when exfoliating the face & body as well as always keep skin protected from the sun! Finally, the right oil-based products are suitable for everybody.  

Research is key and we have many posts in our blog catalogue that can help! 

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