Over at our EDEN BLOG, for the last few months, we have been sharing all of our top tips regarding all things natural skincare, and we even launched our very first mini-series. However, we think that now is a great time to shake things up a little!


Here at EDEN BEAUTY, we want to help you even more; with everything from self-care to offering advice for your overall health & well being. We aim to focus our content to address specific concerns, offer REAL advice and help raise awareness on ‘taboo’ topics.


One of our core missions, as a business, is to help and support other women. Whether that be making natural products more accessible or offering support over at our blog; we always want to be a place you can rely on for advice when you need it.


No woman should ever feel as though they are alone in anything; we are all here to support one another!


A way, in which, we like to help is by publishing weekly content over at our blog that can offer advice on everything from skincare recommendations to instructional how-to posts. Although, we have now decided to go beyond what we have posted before and dig even deeper into the wonderful world of womanhood.


If you would like to see a few sneak peeks of some of our upcoming blog post themes then you’ll want to keep on reading…


We have a bunch of great advice posts well as a brand new mini-series all dropping soon. You can be sure that all of our new content will be jam-packed with helpful advice, tips and support.


Our blog will dive further than ever before, as we will debunk and raise awareness on topics that are still considered (in 2022) as ‘taboo; by discussing the importance of being aware.


Once again you can be sure that if we think something could help you then we will not hesitate to talk about it! Health, self-care, intimate care or even well being; you name it and we will try our very best to offer reliable support.


You can still expect to see a feature mini-series on alternate Fridays, but this time with a very DIFFERENT running theme. We don't want to say too much but you can be sure that if you need some woman to woman advice then you’ll want to keep your eye on our social media for alerts on our Friday post drops.


Now, of course, you can still expect our top picks and advice regarding EDEN BEAUTY products and instructional how-to posts but instead, they will be following a new theme. We are taking a small step away from skincare and moving more towards self-care.


We have BIG plans for our blog so definitely WATCH THIS SPACE!

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