Postpartum and the Changes You Can Expect

Postpartum and the Changes You Can Expect

We are so glad you have been finding our Real Talk Friday mini-series both helpful and informative, covering any concerns you may have ranging from body acne to menopause. There is no stopping there as we are committed to continuing with our Real Talk posts until we cover everything that we believe should be discussed in an open and welcoming environment. For today’s post, we wanted to continue the theme of further understanding one’s body by discussing…


What is considered normal and to be expected for the body to experience postpartum?


The body is put through a lot of strain and pressure when preparing to carry a baby through a full pregnancy lasting nine months. Every part of the body is put under a tremendous amount of duress, therefore experiencing things that may not seem normal at first can be part of either the body preparing for birth or later healing itself from the process.


This can be a very confusing time for any woman to go through especially if they are worried about the new challenges or changes their bodies are presenting and not knowing what is normal. Therefore, we wanted to offer our help by clearing up as much confusion around today's topic as possible. So, let's jump right into it …


Postpartum body: what is considered normal and to be expected?


Postpartum refers to the period that begins immediately after childbirth and lasts until the body returns to a non-pregnant state; typically, the first six weeks following childbirth.


Whilst a woman is pregnant many parts of her body are changing including her internal organs, such as the womb, the stomach and even the uterus. As you can imagine this can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.  The uterus will even change in size and weight to aid in childbirth. Therefore, afterbirth pains and changes can seem very drastic as the body is working hard to return to a post-baby body. Here are some of the changes you can expect…


Afterbirth pain as we said can be a sign that the body is trying to go back to a post-pregnancy state. This pain will feel like belly cramps and will signify that your uterus is shrinking back to its regular size. This pain should only last a few days.


Swelling, tiredness and even constipation are again all very common during this time when the body is resetting itself. To aid in recovery, it’s important to find the time to get in quality sleep and relax as much as possible to help with healing the body and the mind! Postpartum depression is very common for women after giving birth therefore if you think you may be suffering from PPD then seek immediate professional advice for treatment.


What's more vaginal discomfort can also be expected due to both the pressure the area has been under and the effect of an imbalance of hormones. Our very own Your Cookie Intimate Vaginal Moisturizer can help rebalance ph. levels, and hormones as well as stimulate natural lubrication for dryness and discomfort relief. We have several other posts discussing our Intimate Cookie Moisturiser if you would like more reading on our product.


Please remember that the body needs time to re-adjust and heal, so don't put yourself under any pressure if it’s not reverting as quickly as you expected. Every woman's body is different, and we are here to promote body positivity during this challenging time!







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