REAL TALK FRIDAYS: How your cycle could be affecting your hair, body & mood

REAL TALK FRIDAYS: How your cycle could be affecting your hair, body & mood

Welcome to the brand new EDEN BEAUTY blog mini-series!

Over the next few months, we have decided to focus our blog platform on discussing and raising awareness about the topics many women face during their lifetime; introducing…


We will use this space to discuss a range of topics; everything from intimate health to menopause! All of our talks will cover the most pressing ‘concerns’ that we know the majority of women have worries about at some point in their lives but felt an absence when it came to looking for trustworthy advice. 

To kick start our new mini-series, today we will be dissolving the stigma linked to menstrual cycles and will go through some of the unexpected side effects they can have on our health.  

Now, we know that menstrual cycles are not as straightforward and planned as we may have been led to believe they are; this includes all of the unspoken side-effects to our hair, body and even our mood. Let’s explore these a little more shall we?

The female body is a very powerful and impressive vessel for the creation of new life; it's truly a remarkable process but menstrual cycles- are not always as welcome!

When we have to deal with irregular cycles, heavy PMS symptoms, bleed variations, physical and mental challenges all just being considered a part of the process it's difficult to always accept. Especially if we’re told that we just have to ‘accept and get used to it.’ 

Did you know; that typically, a woman can expect to have 500 menstrual cycles during her lifetime. That's equivalent to approximately 6.5 years of a women's life!  You can imagine the problems caused for many women throughout their entire life, especially if these side effects can end up being so debilitating.

Women are told that side effects are considered normal but they can have very damaging effects on our physical and mental wellbeing… 

For instance, hormonal acne (body & face) and hair thinning can all be triggered by menstruation; but can negatively affect our confidence. 

Then we have the excruciating pain from bloating and cramps all just being fed to us as “a part of the process” - not an easy pill to swallow.  Excruciating pain is exhausting! Which in turn can affect productivity and energy levels making a demanding job or family life even harder to manage.

Furthermore, if all of those physical changes were not enough, there is even evidence to suggest that our serotonin levels can be lower at the beginning of our cycle. Adding to our stress levels and to the fear of low mood and depression. 

All of the hormones are working overtime to try and keep up with the sudden changes to both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Menstrual cycles might be an expected part of womanhood for most women but the side effects or inconsistencies in cycles can make it difficult to cope with! Together, we need to continue to stomp out the stigma behind menstruating and normalise seeking medical advice if necessary. 

We are all on our own journey, but together - we are never alone! 

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