Shaving Care Guide

Shaving Care Guide

We are well and truly into the Summer months now and whilst we all look forward to enjoying some well-needed R&R in the sun. We also know that the lead-up to Summer Break marks an increase in shaving product sales! 

Now, it is completely down to your preference whether or not to shave before hitting the beach or relaxing in the park, but if you would like some help we have the perfect guide for you! Today's post will be set out a little differently than usual as we intend to showcase our very own do’s and don’ts to shaving in a very helpful way-  your very own care guide. 

Before we dive right into today's shaving guide we cannot stress the following information enough. Please be very gentle when shaving and take your time as this can help you avoid cuts, nips with your razor or missed patches of body hair. 

Now onto our shaving guide…

First things first, we recommend you follow a pre-shave care routine!

To ensure that your razor will glide along the skin, and easily shave the hairs it’s a good idea to make sure the skin is free of any dead skin cell build-up before you start shaving. If there is a build-up of dead skin or debris on the body then it will cause friction on the razor and therefore will not make shaving not as thorough or clean. 

We recommend you exfoliate the body first with a gentle body scrub that is rich in nourishing ingredients like Sesame and Tamanu Oil. Our very own Sesame Ginger Scrub can be used on the body to help pre the skin before shaving. It will buff away any buildup that is trapped on the skin or within the hairs. 

Then once you have gently exfoliated the area (like your legs, arms or underarms) you will then want to make sure that the skin is completely clean of any product and dry. Before you begin shaving, we also recommend that you apply a thin layer of shave gel or cream to your body and have some warm water ready to help clean the blade when shaving. 

If you are shaving your intimate area then please be very careful with what you are applying to their area and only use products that are intended to be used on that area. 

With an even layer of shaving product on freshly exfoliated skin, you are now ready to shave. Below we have our do’s and don’ts that you can follow to ensure the safety of your skin…

Do’s when shaving: 

  • Keep the blade free from hair build-up
  • If you keep the blade clean and free from hair build-up when shaving, then the blade will remain sharp and therefore your shave will get closer to the skin without harming it. 

  • Trim longer hair before shaving  is necessary
  • In order to make sure that the blade does not get clogged up and harm the skin; you can use cosmetic scissors to carefully trim longer hair, especially in the intimate area. If the hair is too long it will not pass through the razor as cleanly or smoothly which can inevitably tear or burn the skin. 

    Don'ts when shaving: 

  • Use a dull or dirty razor
  • A dull razor will not be able to shave the hairs on the body effectively or safely as a dull razor will not be as sharp and therefore would need to be used much more vigorously along the body. This is also not something we recommend. 

  • Take long or excessive streaks
  • Repeatedly going over the same area in long or harsh strokes can tear the outer layer of skin and damage the skin barrier. This can cause the skin to inflame, tear and overall be damaged from excessive shaving. 

  • Skip on the body oil or balm
  • If you think you are feeling a little dehydrated or sandy after shaving, then you might want to consider a post-shave routine that helps nourish the skin after shaving. You will not want to skip your body oils or balms after shaving as they can help repair the skin barrier. 

  • Apply too much pressure on the blade/ handle
  • The more pressure you apply to the blade when shaving, the more likely the skin will be to get cut or nipped. Always be gentle when shaving as razor burns and a damaged skin barrier can take time to treat and repair. 

    Our online shop is stocked with body care products that are perfect for use both pre and post-shaving this includes our Sesame Scrub and Body Oils. We hope you found today's instruction post helpful and will keep all these points in mind for when you next need to shave your body or intimate areas.

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