Switching to vegan cosmetic products and why you should

Switching to vegan cosmetic products and why you should

Switching to vegan cosmetic products and why you should

In recent years, the popularity of the vegan diet has dramatically increased. It is now estimated that 2% of the American population are full vegans and that the plant-based food sector has increased by 30% in value since 2017.

But have you ever considered incorporating different forms of veganism into your lifestyle? Vegan makeup and cosmetics, for example, are also rising in popularity as people move away from outdated - and in some cases, cruel - methods of creating manmade makeup and skincare products. Why should you convert to vegan cosmetics?

Switching to vegan cosmetic products and why you should

It's cruelty-free

One of the main reasons that people make the switch to vegan skincare and cosmetic products is because they are sick of the outdated and cruel treatment of products that test on animals. Vegan skincare products don't use animal products or animal byproducts, but more importantly, they don't test on animals. This is a practice that keeps animals confined in terrible conditions and subjected to pain and distress throughout their short lives. Absurdly, many of the results of these animal experiments are too inconclusive to be used reliably anyway. This means the whole process is not just cruel; it's also pointless. It is estimated that roughly half a million animals worldwide are tested on per year for cosmetics-based products. If everyone made the switch to vegan skincare, imagine how many animals that would save!

It's better for your skin

Not only is going vegan better for animals; it's also a lot better for you! There is a reason the skin is known as the body's biggest organ; it absorbs everything we put onto it into our bodies. This means that the chemicals and animal byproducts (such as uric acid from cows) are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and gradually into the organs. Plant-based products such as this Flawless Facial Serum are natural and therefore far kinder to your insides as well as your outsides.

Flawless Facial Serum

It's eco-friendly

With more and more people becoming conscious of their carbon footprint, vegan skincare is a great way to do your part to help take care of the environment. Because all of the products used in vegan cosmetics are 100% natural, it means that they can break back down into the earth and be re-used by their surroundings in the ongoing cycle of life. This reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and means all products are getting reused over and over. Moreover, many vegan cosmetic brands feel passionately about giving back and are actively trying to replant and replace the natural products used in their ranges. As the final touch, their packaging is almost always crafted from recyclable materials such as paper, card and air pillows rather than plastic or polystyrene, which are notorious for filling up and destroying our oceans.

It's naturally gentle

Because of its natural properties, vegan skincare is great for sensitive skin that is prone to conditions such as eczema and rosacea. People who suffer from such complaints may be tempted to treat it with many products that all claim to be a magic cure. However, the truth is that too many complex ingredients (especially those that contain chemicals such as alcohol and fragrance) can make these skin conditions worse. Keep it simple with natural, simplistic recipes for the skin. Another key thing to mention is hydration. Dry, irritated skin often needs extra moisture, both through drinking and through topical skincare solutions. The nourishing, natural ingredients included in vegan skincare are designed to help replenish and restore the skin in uncomplicated ways, as with this Body Dew Misting Oil.

Body Dew Misting Oil.

It's rich in antioxidants

Remember how your mother always used to tell you to eat your vegetables because they'd make you big and strong? The same applies to your skincare! Plants contain a vast amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all designed to bring life and goodness to the body. By applying these to your skin, you are allowing your body to absorb all of that goodness and the results will also show in your face, which will be left glowing, fresh and youthful from this influx of natural products.

It's cost effective

Unlike organic produce, which tends to have a higher price point than standard food products, there really isn't a notable difference in cost between vegan and non-vegan cosmetic products. Lower-range comparisons actually suggest that vegan may be cheaper. With so little to lose but a lot to gain, why not give it a try and see how it works for you?

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