The benefits of Hemp seed Oil

The benefits of Hemp seed Oil

Welcome to our brand new EDEN BEAUTY mini-series here on our blog; where every Friday, over the couple of weeks, we will be giving you the lowdown on our most popular skincare ingredients.


To kick start this mini-series will are beginning with Hempseed Oil!


The majority of products we buy online, or in shops, tend to pull our focus onto the product itself and how well it can work depending on our skin’s needs. This approach takes the focus away from the ingredients of the product which for some is the most important factor when considering a new beauty-related purchase.


We pride ourselves on our openness towards our ingredients list; adding only the best in organic and natural ingredients in all of our products! Our best selling products have even been featured in VOGUE UK magazine to showcase our natural oils and unique blends!


Today's post is centred around Hempseed Oil which just so happened to be the star ingredients in our very own Skin Balancing Serum-Oil! If you’d like to find out more about the many benefits of adding Hempseed oil into your daily routine then keep reading…


Benefits of Hempseed Oil:

Supporting the skin’s barrier

Protecting and maintaining a strong and healthy skin barrier is very important when trying to shield the skin from pollutants in the air. The inclusion of Hempseed oil in a daily moisturiser or oil-based serum has been known to help maintain a healthy skin barrier.


It helps to seal in all the goddess from the oil itself, along with the rest of your products but also block any external radicals in the process.


A deeply moisturising & nourishing natural oil

You can always count on a natural facial oil if you are someone who typically suffers from dry skin! Hempseed oil is incredibly nourishing for the skin; it is very lightweight and absorbs deep into the skin. It works at helping to replicate, and regenerate the skins natural sebum production; all with clogging up your pores!


Dry skin is typically caused by a lack of sebum therefore an oil like Hempseed will work at not just adding but restoring those natural oils into the skin for moisture and nourishment!


Soothes irritated & acne-prone skin types

The causes behind irritated skin are unfortunately endless, but with Hempseed oil, they don't have to be tolerated. It's naturally soothing and its antibacterial agent makes it the ideal addition in natural skincare for both balancing and calming the skin.


You can be sure that it will help calm the skins redness, inflammation and even reduce the appearance of acne & blemishes!


It is super versatile!

Hempseed oil is known for its incredibly long list of benefits everything from its moisturising properties to its restorative powers for the skin barrier but above all else, it's suitable for all skin types. Even if you have oily, combo or sensitive skin; it can help with regulating the skins natural oil production whilst still being super gentle.


That incredible list of benefits makes Hempseed Oil a top contender for being the most versatile and beneficial ingredient in natural skincare care!


Now can you see why we love Hempseed Oil so much?

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