The benefits of Tamanu Oil

The benefits of Tamanu Oil

We have come to the final week in our Friday ingredient-focused mini-series and you could say that we made sure to save the best for last. To conclude this mini-series we have decided to go back to our roots and share all the things we love the most about one of our signature ingredients.


For our final post in this series, which may come as no surprise to EDEN BEAUTY fanatics, we will be focusing on…


The benefits of Tamanu Oil!


The main benefits of Tamanu Oil:


It can help speed up the healing process

One of the uses you can be sure regular Tamanu oil application can help with is to speed up the healing time for scars and blemishes. But how?


Tamanu oil can help promote cell turnover, as well as prompt new tissue formation and healthy skin. Combined with its ability to help aid in Collagen production; Tamanu oil is a wonder ingredient when it comes to naturally healing the skin.


Not only can it work quickly at healing scars, but it can also be used regularly during your skincare routine to help face blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Our skin loses pigment as we age; which can leave out skin tone uneven; regular Tamanu oil application can help balance out the unevenness in the skin.


Soothes and softens the skin

Tamanu oil is a non-comedogenic ingredient that is lightweight and non-greasy when apple to the skin. It’s very light in texture but it’s still very moisturising for the skin. After applying tamanu oil to the skin, your skin should feel smooth and nourished.


If you have dry skin on your T-Zone, an oily complexion or if you have sensitive skin; Tamanu oil is light enough to be suitable for all skin types. Although, it is targeted more towards oily & acne-prone skin due to its healing and restorative benefits!


Helps to treat acne!

Tamanu oil doesn't just help with the recovery and healing process for scars, but it's also a very popular ingredient in acne soothing and balancing products.


Due to its ability to help fade scarring as well as soothe inflamed skin; these benefits make it a true asset when it comes to looking for a solution to clear up acne. Tamanu oil can help to remove bacteria from the skin that could be causing the skin to break out, whilst still keeping the skin moisturised!



Tamanu oil is an all-rounder ingredient that you can add easily into daily your routine. Whether that be to help replenish dry skin, naturally fade dark spots or if you are looking for a natural alternative to help with ageing skin.


Tamanu oil can be used on your face as well as being suitable for your body making it an ingredient you really can use all over where needed.


Over at our shop you can be sure to find several of our most loved products loaded with organic Tamanu oil. Our unique Balancing Oil-Serum is jam-packed with Tamanu goodness that can help calm inflamed or irritated skin amongst a long list of other benefits.


You'll definitely wish you picked it up soon!


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