The three main skincare staples; the products you need!

The three main skincare staples; the products you need!

With an abundance of skincare products on the market, it can be difficult to know which products are the most suitable based on what our skin needs help with. The amount of choice is overwhelming, and in many cases rather off-putting.


Choice can be both a blessing and a hindrance; yes there are more opportunities to find targeted products but you’ll typically have to go through several unsuitable products first.


To help overcome this hurdle it’s best to not overcomplicate it! Keep your product search targeted towards your skins’ needs and if it’ll help strip your routine back to just the essentials. When you know what products are needed in your routine, you can target your search for new skincare much easier.


To follow a simple routine, it’s important to know what your skin needs to settle on what products are going to be your skincare staples. Simplicity can be the best solution when it comes to adopting an effective skincare routine!


The more products you have in your routine, the more you have to keep on top of and continuously replace. Plus, overloading the skin too frequently with too many different products is never good for the skin.


All of your daily skincare products should work FOR your skin and serve a purpose. For instance, we believe skincare should be targeted towards…


  • Keeping your skin cleansed, hydrated, balanced and protected!


Sourcing the right products that are targeted to your skins’ needs is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. It’s not always just down to your routine, if your current products are not improving your skin then you need to focus on switching those up first.


Now might be the perfect time to give your skincare collection a spring clean; wean out all of the products you don't need in favour of just the staple products that you will need!


To help, we have decided to focus today's blog on helping you introduce your skin to the idea of a more simplistic yet targeted routine using only the essential staple products…




Our Staple Skincare Products:


The very first step, when it comes to stripping back your routine, is to take a look at what products you use daily and think about if they are helping or hindering your skin.


First, you’ll want to take a look at your cleanser(s)!


Ask yourself, does your current face wash or cleanser contribute to keeping your skin cleansed and hydrated after use? If it is irritating, drying your skin out or not effectively removing any dirt/ makeup build-up then you will want to switch it up.


Your cleanser is a staple product in your routine, they can pretty much do everything for the skin; keep it clean, hydrated and some can help even out & balance our skin's complexion. However, get the wrong cleanser for your skin and it can strip it of its natural oils, dry it out completly and can even cause your skin to flake off due to dehydration.


If you are now beginning to think that your cleanser may be the first staple product you need to switch up, in favour of something lighter and more nourishing for the skin, then we recommend a non-comedogenic oil-based cleanser.


Our Lavender cleaning oil is ideal for all skin types (including oily and sensitive) as it is super lightweight on the skin boasting incredible benefits. It can help re-nourish, deep clean and balance the skin as well as being to reduce acne breakouts. All due to its ability to draw even the deepest of dirt and bacteria out the skin.


After cleanser, you’ll want to focus on your moisturising products!


Once you have used your cleanser, you’ll then want to get right in there with your moisturising product(s) to prevent any dryness or moisture loss after cleansing.


A hydrating moisture cream also referred to as moisturiser is a crucial product for maintaining healthy skin. The texture and formulation of your desired moisturiser will depend heavily on both your skin type and your main skin concerns.


For instance, if you have sensitive skin due to regular acne breakouts or blemishes then you might want to opt for a fragrance-free hydrating cream that is loaded with calming and balancing ingredients.

Keep an eye out for a moisturiser with Glycerin, Squalene, Niacinamide or Salicylic acid to help balance as well as hydrate the skin. Whereas, people who suffer from dry or dehydrated skin might benefit most from a thick moisture cream loaded with Hyaluronic acid, Lactic acid or Ceramides.


Thirdly, it's all in the serums!


Facial oils and serums play a key role in skin maintenance; they can be added into your routine to brighten the skin, regulate sebum production, reduce breakout from bacteria and even soothe inflamed skin.


Your serum step in your routine is where you can get even more targeted with your products as you can cherry-pick the serum your skin needs depending on what concerns you most about your skin.


If evening out or brightening your completion is your main concern then you may want to think about an oil rich in natural Vitamins, Rosehip or Frankincense. We have our very own Flawless facial serum that can help even out and balance the skin's complexion naturally.


Perhaps you are looking for something to help soothe inflamed skin; therefore a serum rich in Hempseed, Aloe and Ylang Ylang will be most beneficial.


Finding the right staple products for you specifically will require you to get familiar with your skin, to find out what ingredients and formulations will work best for your needs. It may take time but the right products for you are out there.


Finally, you will also want to remember to always keep your skin protected; regularly apply SPF to your skin during the day to ensure that you are protecting it from potential sun damage! SPF should be a non-negotiable product, as well as your three staple products.


Your skin cannot be healthy and thriving without them!

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