Understanding Hyperpigmentation!

Understanding Hyperpigmentation!

Everybody has different skincare corners that require specific treatments and various types of care but knowing what your skin needs can be tricky to decipher. It is not always as simple as trying to work out if the skin is dry/dehydrated, sensitive, oily in complexion or a combination. It’s common to experience ‘side effects that have steamed from our skin's natural state. 

For instance, people with very oily skin tend to struggle with balancing the skin's natural bacteria levels which in turn can increase the likelihood of the skin suffering from regular acne breakouts or clogged pores. Whereas, somebody with very dry to dehydrated skin can experience mild skin pulling or tightening on their cheeks due to their skin getting very tight due to its constant need for nourishment. 

That's not to say that those concerns are only prone to one specific skin type you may have; as anybody can experience breakouts, sensitivity, clogged- pores, flaking and even dark spots!  It doesn't always depend on the type of skin you have;  just like sun damage, dark spots and hyperpigmentation are not limited to paler skin tones! Unfortunately none of us are immune to the signs of ageing, skin damage, exposure, or skin impurities. 

This is why understanding your skin, and looking after it regularly is so important to its overall health as well as appearance. Please hear us when we say that - even though ‘clear & glass skin’ are popular skincare terms; they are not realistic skin goals. There is no such thing as completely clear skin; why? 

“We all have pores and texture that give our skin that real look, and it's beautiful!” 

Therefore the overall goal is to keep our skin healthy, thriving and protected. Not to believe in unrealistic expectations. We do encourage you to educate yourself to help you understand your skin a little better! 

We briefly mentioned hyperpigmentation, which will be the main focus of the remainder of today's blog post. Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common skincare concerns that can affect women but more prominently when over the age of 40. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of misinformation that also lacks a diverse perspective surrounding hyperpigmentation advice! There is a large audience of people who are unaware of what hyperpigmentation is, as well as how it can affect our skin. 

That is why here at Eden Beauty, we aim to become your GO-TO guide to not just help you broaden your understanding of hyperpigmentation but also help advise you on things you can do at home to help minimise the appearance of your hyperpigmentation…

Before we get into what you can do to help manage hyperpigmentation; first we’d like to start by addressing what it is. So let's begin our guide there shall we?... 

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the name given to a very common skin condition that causes areas or patches of the skin to be slightly darker in colour/ tone than others. This is all due to the melanin levels in our skin; as extra melanin can create spots or patches that look brown, black or even reddish/pink. Hyperpigmentation does not cause the skin to feel irritated or itchy but it can affect our confidence due to it creating uneven dark spots on the skin. 

What can be done to help?

To naturally minimise, and combat Hyperpigmentation - over time - the first thing you should focus on is your ingredients. Ask yourself…

Is my skin currently benefiting from products rich in natural healing, repairing or brightening ingredients? More specifically, are they packed with organic Rosehip, Frankincense or Tamanu oil?  If not, then your skin is missing out.

Now, buying a whole load of “brightening” products might slowly help reduce hyperpigmentation spots but these products can sometimes be very drying and filled with harsh ingredients. Whereas an organic oil-based serum will not only help the skin naturally repair itself but will help to even the darker areas in a non-abrasive way!

Our very own star product, the Flawless Dark Spot Remover Serum would make the ideal addition to your evening skincare routine. We have a full ingredients list available online for this product, but you can be sure that the main three (Rosehip, Frankincense & Tamanu oil) are all present in this one serum. 

How to use our Flawless Serum?

After cleansing, massage a few drops evenly onto your face and neck. Always avoid the eye areas. Best to apply at nighttime for maximum benefits. 

Here at Eden Beauty we celebrate all skin tones, & complexions and would never allow our members of our Eden Family to worry about harsh skin bleaching agents in any of our products! That's why our entire Eden Beauty range only contains safe, effective and natural ingredients.

 Our goal is to help you feel confident and beautiful in your natural skin, and would never encourage harmful practices or products. 

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