Why You Should Be Using Beard Oil To Maintain Your Beard

Why You Should Be Using Beard Oil To Maintain Your Beard

Why You Should Be Using Beard Oil To Maintain Your Beard

Do you use beard oil? This is an often-overlooked product that can be hugely beneficial if you have facial hair. Unfortunately, many men consider using beard oil to be unnecessary. They have their barber trim it regularly and think that's all it needs to stay in good health and good shape, but perhaps they don’t realize all the benefits that can be gained from using beard oil and how a few drops every day can help your beard remain healthy and strong while protecting the skin.

It Nourishes

It Nourishes

When you grow a beard, the hair can absorb oils and moisture, leaving the skin underneath at risk of dryness. The beard hair can also become dry and brittle, so using beard oil will nourish and hydrate the beard and reach the skin underneath, offering protection and hydration there.

It Relieves Itchiness

If you have a thick beard that is quite dense, you may sometimes experience itchiness under your beard. This itchiness causes you to scratch your beard and the skin underneath, leaving it susceptible to redness and possible skin breakouts. Using a beard oil will help prevent this itchy beard sensation. The skin beneath your beard will remain moisturized, and you will avoid dandruff in your beard as well.

It Stops Flyaways

Just as we all have different hair types, beards can be different, too. Some men have strong, thick beards, while others have beards that are lighter. Some beards are grown longer, while others are close cut to the skin and shaped. There is no "right" beard length or style; choose whatever suits you and your personality. Sometimes lighter beards can be susceptible to flyaway hairs, especially if the beard is not regularly trimmed. Beard oil can help prevent this, providing nourishment to the skin while discouraging flyaway hair.

It Helps Beard Growth

HIM Beard Essential Oil

Maybe you are just at the start of your beard-growing journey, or perhaps you have had a beard for a while and would like it to look denser. Using a beard oil, such as this HIM Beard Essential Oil, will help keep the beard itself strong and healthy while encouraging new growth. Just like regular hair, if we care for it and use the right products, we can encourage healthy growth and prevent split ends. It won’t happen overnight, but with regular applications and trims from your barber, you will be on your way to a full, dense beard in no time.

Skin Care Benefits

Skin Care Benefits

Using a beard oil will help your skin breathe underneath the beard. Growing a beard can be quite demanding of your skin, particularly if you have never grown a beard before. Because beard oils have cleansing properties, regular use will keep the pores of your skin unblocked and encourage healthy skin. Sometimes the pores underneath can get blocked or infected with bacteria from substances that attach themselves to the hair of the beard. Keeping it clean and well groomed with daily applications of soothing beard oil will make sure you don’t get any of those unpleasant skin breakouts underneath your beard.


Beard oils are made up of a blend of carrier oils, such as rosehip seed, jojoba, hemp or argan oil and essential oils. These oils offer protective qualities and have a great natural fragrance. The carrier oils ensure that the smaller amount of these essential oils will be evenly distributed into and over the beard, leaving it soft and nicely scented. 


Beard oils come in many different fragrances, and you can find options with no fragrance at all. Popular fragrances include cedarwood, sandalwood, and blends with lighter citrus notes such as mandarin, bergamot, or even flowery lavender. These oils have already demonstrated their value in aromatherapy, so using a beard oil with these qualities will benefit not only your skin but your well-being as you inhale their relaxing aroma.

How to Choose

Not all beard oils are created equal. Look for a natural product with few ingredients. You don’t need lots of chemicals on your beard when a few well-blended natural oils will keep it looking healthy. Seek high-quality ingredients that are formulated without added chemicals. You won’t be using a lot of oil on your beard, so a little will go a long way.

There are many reasons that using a beard oil will benefit not only your beard, but also the skin underneath while leaving it nicely fragranced. There is so much to like about beard oil!

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