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Flawless Skin Bundle
Vanessa Hand
Love my Eden products

I was very hesitant about trying oil on my oily skin, fear of a massive breakout. However, due to the name and my spirituality, I took the leap of faith. I wasn’t disappointed and love the balance oil, serum and all the products I purchased. Even more, I was blessed with a free Body Dew Mist which I love. I must admit I must apply it lightly but my skin is hydrated and looks good. Thank you Eden for creating products that work!

Awesome product

As many women know Vaginal dryness can be an embarrassing topic. I was referred to this product from a friend. I suffer from low estrogen levels, and didn’t want to buy something laced with synthetic ingredients. This product has changed my outlook on this sensitive topic. This product is amazing! It’s non-greasy, smells wonderful, and does what it says. I a sound love the packaging! It’s feminine, yet discreet. Thank you Jai Eden for finally bringing something to the market, for those dealing with these issues. I love, love , this product!!!!!!

Lavender cleansing oil

Love it! It’s so gentle on your skin and smells so good! I started using it on my daughter and husband because it feels so good on the skin. Perfect for winter dry skin.

Best ever makeup remover

I love this product! It is so light weight and easy to use. It smells amazing. Not only does it remove my make up, I apply a second application, it completely cleans my face. I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin as far as hydration, and less oilyness. I will definitely be purchasing this again.

No More Oily Skin!

I tried the Flawless oil because I had. a lot of scarring, once that healed I struggled with keeping my skin oil free. I started using this product a month ago. What a difference. I was surprised that the Hempseed oil in it really slowed the oil production. I wasn't expecting it to be so light weight either. I also use it on my neck and chest as well. Its such an excellent moisturizer. Fantastic product!

Scars Gone!

I am a young man and came across this product line from a friend. Ive struggled with Acne, and Ive been seeing a dermatologist for it. I wasn't sure what to try first, and of course was skeptical because of oil. We always here oil is bad for the skin. SO NOT TRUE!!
Jai Edens line are natural-plant based oils. This serum is worth every penny! It has Tamanu oil which Ive never heard of till finding this line. The Rosehip seed oil and carrot seed oil have completely got rid of my acne scars. Its been a real confidence booster. Its very earthy smelling which is nice for a man. I highly recommend this product if you've got any scarring from acne or anything else.

Smells Great!

I love this product!! It is light, and smells very masculine. My wife loves the way it smells. It gives my beard a nice shine, softness, and blocks odor. Ive notice it has also helped with flaking. Thanks Jai Eden for such a great product!

Awesome Scrub

This scrub is fantastic, I have oily and uneven skin tone. I was skeptical because products are infused with oils. Once I tried the Cleansing Oil I was sold. That product has not only balanced my skin, but produced a beautiful glow. The scrub is salt based, which is great for irritated skin condition. The rosehip seed in the product ids the game changer, It has really lightened and faded most of my scars. A little goes a long ways, the results are instant. Ive never had such smooth, glow skin! Just make sure your skin is nice and wet!

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